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Energy Surveys & Improvement Reports

If you need to improve your domestic or commercial property to comply with letting requirements (MEES) or are looking to make energy saving improvements to be more energy efficient or greener, the team at The Greener House can help.
Rental Properties
For landlords of domestic and commercial properties, the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) means that properties that fall below the minimum threshold (currently an E rating) must be improved in order to comply and you may not continue to rent a property until it has. An increasing number of banks and financial institutions are now insisting that buildings for sale also meet the same standards before they will provide finance or carry out property transactions.
This can be a minefield for landlords as it’s not often clear which improvements would make the greatest impact on the EPC rating. It’s possible to spend huge amounts of money making improvements to a property and then discovering that it still won’t pass. Luckily, our Property Improvement Report service highlights the most cost effective paths to help you comply.
Survey and Report
The process starts with an energy efficiency survey which will establish your current EPC rating and may indicate some improvements that can be made. From that information we analyse the data and consult with you to establish what type of energy saving measures are practical in your situation. We then calculate what the EPC rating would be if you carried out a variety of different improvement options.
Once completed, we will provide you with a detailed Improvement Report that will have several different scenarios on ways to bring your property up to an E rating or better.
The report will contain options on the types of improvements that can be made along with recommendations of the type of equipment to install. You can then take this report and use your own installers to help upgrade your property. Alternatively, we can provide a turn-key service for installation using our team of qualified engineers.
There are several reasons why a property may be exempt from needing to comply with the MEES legislation. These include where improvements would exceed the financial liability (currently £3,500) or where all improvements have been made and the property still remains below an E rating. We can advise on the different Exemption options, and, if appropriate, help file the Exemption paperwork if needed.
Energy Saving Improvements & Greener Options
The same survey and report process applies for homeowners who are looking to make energy improvements to their property. Once we’ve completed the initial energy survey we can carry out the same improvement scenarios with a focus on reducing energy use and what the potential financial savings are likely to be. This may include looking at greener solutions such as heat pumps and solar panels. You can use this report to consult with your own installers or request an installation cost from our team.

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We provide cost-effective and practical solutions to help you meet legislative requirements or to help you make more efficient, greener choices when upgrading your property.


We are dedicated to providing the highest level of support and advice regardless of the size of your portfolio – from the homeowner who is looking to make sustainable living upgrades to a single property to the owner of multiple rentals who is trying to meet compliance demands.